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Looking Your Best!

WHAT TO BRING TO YOUR SHOOT             682-240-4305


The whole idea of the session is to show the world

who you are!   You are unique, you are diverse, your

session needs to be as well!  


Clothing plays a large part in

accomplishing this.  We recommend going from A to Z.

 Formal, dressy, chic, classy, casual,

shabby chic, ultra casual, uptown,

 downtown, country, trendy, sporty...

well, you get the idea!  Solids work best, but

patterns and prints can be worn as well. 


     ~select an outfit -(keep on the hanger, iron if necessary)

     ~select shoes

     ~select proper undergarments

     ~select accessories

          *jewelry, hats-summer and winter,

          *glasses, scarfs, sports equipment,

          *musical instruments, cheer gear,


Use plastic bags for these items and hang them 

with the clothing item.

Repeat until you have all of your outfits selected.


Bring a couple more outfits than you think you will

need.  (See session page info on how many changes

there usually are for 1, 2, or 3 location sessions.)

If you LOVE IT, bring it!  


Don't just bring summer clothing.

Bring long-sleeve, jackets, coat, winter things, etc.

Even bring one outfit that your parents love!

Your photographer will help you decide when and

where for each outfit. 


     ~pets are welcome, (in some locations only), but we

       ask that a carrier be brought and that someone be

       available to watch them during the remainder of session.


· Makeup: Girls—your images will look better if you

wear makeup, even if you don’t normally don't wear it.

Some gals like having their make-up by a professional,

this works well also.   They can do it

so that it looks completely natural.

Eyes: Since many of your portraits will

concentrate on your eyes, please make sure your

eyeliner is straight and there are no

clumps in your eyelashes. PLEASE wear

mascara.  Failing to do so will make you look like you

have no eyelashes whatsoever in your portraits.

Lips: pale shades of lipstick do not photograph well because

they make your lips blend into your skin. This looks especially

funny in black and white images. Touch ups: Be sure to bring

at least lipstick and powder to your session.

Also bring a brush, hair clips, etc.


· Acne:   All portraits that you purchase

will have basic retouching done to them,

so you don’t have to worry about that.


· Personality:  Make sure your bring things that

show your personality. Like to read?   Bring books.

Like to shop?   Bring lots of shopping bags.

Are you in sports? Bring your uniform and sports gear.

Like to listen to music?

Bring your personal CD player or I-pod.


Remember, it's ALL about YOU!